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People come to me seeking clarity, they come looking for answers from me or my horses. What they find is the truth within themselves. 

We all want to live without fear, with purpose, with love. We all need support to truly get "there" and to live our full potential. Even if we have the answers, the tools, the gifts, it takes commitment, support, and deep desire to BE who we dream and LIVE our best life to make it happen. 

I am your copilot. I am your mirror. I am the voice that says what no one else will and holds you in highest regard. I see you as a powerful creator of your life and I push you to own it. You are amazing.  

Love & Blessings,



What I Specialize In

Integrity & Alignment

Transforming Mindsets

The Art of Leadership

Empowered Empathy

Mission-Driven Success

The Journey Towards Success Begins on the Path of Self Awareness. Begin Your Journey Today.

“I would recommend this to anyone looking for healing, clarity, and personal growth in their life. Herd Spirit with Gita has been transformative for me, a great source of healing and growth, and has brought me a tremendous amount of clarity in every session. I've been coming for regular sessions because each one is a gift. I can't recommend this highly enough.”

- Adam

“I had several private sessions with Gita and the horses during a time when there was a lot going on in my life and I needed some clarity. I worked with Zip, Chi and Nasim and I was impressed by each horse’s ability to pick up on my energy and help me move through it. Gita has an amazing ability to interpret their messages and intuitively guide the session to find uplifting solutions to changing old patterns and habits. During each session we came up with attitude adjustments and positive action items to bring me closer to my purpose and resolve the issues I was experiencing in that moment. It was very helpful and a great tool for self-transformation. I highly recommend it. ”

- Darshana

“What a powerful experience! Such a gift to spend time with these amazing horses and be guided by Gita. I was really moved by the opportunity to learn to listen and be present in a new way. It was so beautiful to tune into the energy that Zip was reflecting and become more aware of my own energy in a new way as well. Horses can teach us so much! I felt deeply held, cared for and guided by both Gita and Zip and I look forward to another sessions.”

- Erin

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