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Inner Leadership Intensive

Four-Part Equine Executive Coaching Series
You're a leader in your field.
You and your team members suffer from burnout,
struggle to reconnect with your "why,"
feel the accumulated stress in your body,
know that something has to give.

Join me and the herd for a fully personalized leadership development program like none other. 

These four private sessions will empower you to:
  • Lead with confidence through uncertainty
  • Reclaim joy in your work & play
  • Recover from burnout and mission fatigue
  • Create a new kind of boundary
  • Deepen your intuitive leadership skills
  • Improve relationships at home and work

You will gain

Tools to become an intuitive leader

This program consists of four two-hour sessions utilizing:
  • Experiential learning with horses
  • Meditation & Yoga in the presence of horses
  • Executive coaching
Program Rate: $749
Not included:
  • Travel to/from equine facility of choice 
  • Accommodations & meals
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