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Executive Coaching

Leverage what horses know about moving from where they are to where they want to be

What we do

You are facing an uncertain world. Your organization is suffering massive burnout and turnover in the great resignation. You know you need to be agile. You know you need your people to be fully engaged.  


To change the outcomes, we change the point of origin. I walk leaders out of burnout, stress, and frustration into clarity, joy, and greater engagement with their teams and mission. 

Leave the office and enter the arena. Allow the change of place, pace, and perspective to catalyze innovative thinking, creativity, and possibility.

Our time is focused on "million-dollar minutes," insights that change everything. The program design is a combination of face-to-face work with horses, virtual meetings, and asynchronistic communication. 

This program equips leaders to:

  • Lead with confidence through uncertainty

  • Succeed against all odds and have fun doing it

  • Repair damaged relationships

  • Strengthen trust and commitment from colleagues

  • Align people and resources to achieve success quickly

  • Create an agile, diverse organization

I primarily see clients at my equine facilities in Nevada City, CA or the San Francisco Bay Area.  For the right fit, I can accommodate private clients into my travel schedule.


During a 2-day Herd Spirit equine workshop with friends in September of 2021, I faced a deep-seated fear that influenced how I showed up in my relationships at home and at work. It was a wonderfully liberating experience, but one that I wanted to explore more through one-on-one coaching with Gita.


In my 6 months of working with her, I found in her a deep listener who empathetically brought my attention to aspects of myself that I couldn’t yet see clearly. She is a great accountability buddy. She was firm yet compassionate with me and kept my best interest at the core of our interactions. She modeled in her own life all the tools she wanted me to use in mine. She walks the talk, and that is how she won my trust.  


The monthly in-person sessions with the horses, were deeply healing and a lot of fun! They provided a safe environment with immediate inputs into some of my thought patterns that were holding me back. Through my 6 months I did meet the goals I set out to achieve.


I continue to work on myself with the help of the insights I gained from my sessions. I now have the tools to handle the difficult days and the ability to celebrate my wins. For this I am deeply grateful. I cannot recommend Gita highly enough." 

Sneha, Design Researcher

Your investment

I work with individuals, couples, or teams for three/six/twelve month programs that are custom designed to empower you to meet your goals.


Programs fees vary widely starting at $3,000, depending on what we agree to create together and over what period of time.

Contact Me

I work with only a few individuals at a time. If you are ready to commit to make miracles, email me at

Here are some basics that I'm curious to hear from you about:

1. What do you want to feel/do/create/achieve now?

2. What do you want to gain from coaching?

3. How do you know you are ready?


I really look forward to my sessions every week. After each day in the round pen, I feel like another layer I have built around my true self starts to shed and reveal the strength and light I have had all along. I walk away but still feel like I am being held by Gita and the horses, which gives me courage to face the rest of the week. It is a true gift to have found them and to be able to do this work with their guidance. I am so grateful. 


Gita has an amazing ability to interpret the horse messages and intuitively guide the session to find uplifting solutions to changing old patterns and habits. During each session we came up with attitude adjustments and positive action items to bring me closer to my purpose and resolve the issues I was experiencing in that moment. It was very helpful and a great tool for self-transformation. I highly recommend it. ”


The work is powerful and life-changing. The physicality of it really cements the lessons in my being.

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