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Leading Through Uncertainty
Teamwork & Leadership Training with Equines

Harness the wisdom of the horse to transform your team into an agile, innovative herd

Teaching the Diamond Model™ of Shared Leadership by TeachingHorse

"I’m more mindful now about how I can take responsibility, shift my energy and be a solution rather than blame the situation/co-workers for not doing better. It was so helpful to see the patterns in myself and how much changing those negative tendencies, my attitude and approach, and shifting my approach contributed to a better (more efficient and harmonious) workplace dynamic.”

- A.L., Program Manager

Key learnings with me

  • Improve communication

  • Increase trust and connection

  • Take ownership of our roles

  • Become more effective leaders within our teams

  • Bring out the best in each other

  • Renew a culture of collaboration


The core components of these workshops include:

  • Experiential learning with equines

  • Progressive business practice and theory

  • Research-based social science 

  • Breath and body exercises

  • Powerful coaching conversations and group facilitation

Who is this for?

  • Board members setting organizational vision

  • Executives ready to shift organizational culture and drive sustainable growth

  • Mission-driven professionals wanting to optimize impact through trust, harmony, and empowered teamwork

  • Program participants from community-based organizations and associations (youth, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, women's health and empowerment, etc.) looking to gain skills and leadership competencies


Meerabai, Guest Services

I recommend this program for anyone or any group who wants to form a closeness and harmony within the group and within yourself.


Ana, Retreat Manager

Gita is a wonderful facilitator, and through equine experiences, one can really begin to tune into your own inner wisdom through being present and listening to your heart. It's really a lovely container through which to foster teamwork and deeper relationships with one another. I am very grateful for this experience and opportunity."


Sundara, Nature Educator

Gita does an excellent job at making you feel relaxed, welcomed and loved. Her presence alone allows you to be able to more fully open to the moment and what the horses can teach you about yourself and what you need to grow into a more complete and happy person.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do participants need to have horse experience? No, all the learning and facilitation we do is from the ground.

  2. Do we need to come to your facility or are you able to come to us? My workshops and facilitation are flexible. If our work together includes equines and your team requires that I travel to you, I have partner organizations with horses available for this work.

  3. If my group comes to you, is there a place to stay? Yes, my partner horse facilities are within 30-60 minute driving distance of the Portland metro area.  

  4. What size groups do you work with? Thanks to my TeachingHorse facilitator network, I can accommodate as few as one to as many as 50 participants.

  5. What are your facilitation fees? This is highly dependent on group needs, location, and program design. If you're interested in supporting your team with this type of work, let's talk.

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