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A Golden Ticket of Time

Dear my people,

I have been called to go on a journey, one that my heart has yearned to take for many years. Until this moment, I was not ready. Until this moment, I was not brave enough. Today, I am free to travel a new road and I know in my heart that I am strong enough, desperate enough, and untamed enough to brave the wild ahead.

I do not know what this journey will look like. I do not know what lies inside of it. All that I know is that I hold in my hand an invitation. I go forth with perfect faith.

One day, I will invite you to see where I have gone. Through the words that I paint, I will share new vistas that I find with you. I cannot promise that you will like my painted words. I cannot tell you what I will find. But know that it is a deep yearning within me to brave this wild inside and share it with my people.

I have been furloughed from my job. I have been given the golden ticket of time to travel in the confines of my home and family, to the depths of my being in pandemic isolation. I feel protective of this ticket, desirous of this time, desperate to take this journey. I hesitated to even share that this time has been given to me, for fear that it would be taken away by some other calling.

But I have faith. I have faith that this ticket is for me. I have been given three months of time. I will cherish each moment with my children and with my free wild inside. My deepest desire is to excavate treasures and share them, I guess you can call me a miner.

Please know that I am well.

With love,


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