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Am I Psychic?

Meditation, especially a robust daily practice, will open a world of intuitive knowing beyond your wildest imaginations. In my early days of daily meditation, it became apparent that the practice was opening up an inner sense of “knowing” that went far beyond a mere “hunch” and landed squarely in a new dimension.

I did not notice this shift all at once. It was a gradual, day by day, unfolding. At least, that is, until one particular moment in my life that changed everything.

It was 4:00 a.m. on a San Francisco morning in July of 2011. Daybreak was still hours away and I had been deep in slumber. Suddenly, I awoke with a jolt like a bolt of electricity through my body. I sat up and experienced a wave of intuitive perception. In that moment, I knew that my (then) husband had been unfaithful to me, with whom, and when. There was absolutely no question in my mind, heart, or soul that the information that had just struck me was truth.

Upright in bed, alone, and in the dark, I fumbled for the bedside lamp and found on the table next to me an amethyst pendulum that belonged to him. My mind chuckled that his own divination tool was about to confirm my moment of intuition.

I picked it up and asked the question. Not once. Not twice. But four times. The pendulum dutifully responded with confirmation that my intuition was correct. By 7:00 a.m. I was on the phone with the man in question and he confirmed my moment of psychic perception. It was the moment that dissolved that imperfect union and opened a new door for my spiritual growth and personal journey to continue, unabated.

Since that day, hundreds of less dramatic moments of intuitive knowing have come and gone. The more deeply I meditate, the more I can rely on the truth in such moments. I test them in the cold light of day and they often hold up.

Does this mean that I am psychic? I don’t believe so. I believe that this is the fruit of daily meditation on the Divine light within myself. The more in tune with that spark, the more I can count on the calm knowing that is a byproduct of such communion.

When my husband Badri asked me to marry him, after just five weeks of courtship, I said yes against all outward reason. Why? My daily meditation practice and smaller tests of intuition had given me the confidence to trust my gut. I knew that I was not ready to marry him in that moment, but that I would be by September (it was then January of 2012). I also knew that he was the one for me without a doubt. Why September? I had no idea, but it turned out that the day we married (September 23, 2012) was the first day that the state of California would permit it. I had no idea until after the fact, but was infinitely grateful that I had listened to my intuition.

More recently, I sensed a change in my life coming in 2019. I began inwardly questioning what that meant for me, what change might look like, and why. By March of this year, I had a new job.

Meditation has many, many benefits, one of which is the development of intuition. Intuitive perception drives the world’s innovation in every creative field. It is also supremely comforting.

May we all know, more clearly each day, divine truth in our own heart.

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