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An unexpected source to improve your wellbeing...a horse.

Wellbeing is the art of balance. Too much self care without care of others can result in self centeredness. Too little can result in burnout, or worse. But how do you know what you really need? How can you see what's throwing you off balance? How can you really see the forest through the trees?

Sometimes we notice we're off balance by our external circumstances - sudden loss, health crisis, professional pivots, insomnia. Sometimes it's more of an inside job - anxiety attacks, restlessness, heartache, depression, mental fog.

The key to wellbeing is attention, noticing the subtle changes internally and externally that are signaling an issue. The sooner you notice the signs of imbalance, the less likely a crisis will be required to gain your attention and make the necessary changes. Not all of our crisis events are linked to an imbalance in wellbeing, but many are.

The art of attention is one of the key lessons taught by the horse. With 340 degree view of the world and a heart sensitive enough to coregulate with all sentient beings within a 50 foot radius, the horse's survival depends on her ability to scan her environment inside and out.

As an equine assisted educator, I partner with the horse to help clients see what they have not yet noticed for themselves. We shed light where it's needed and practice new ways of walking through the world with the presence of mind and heart required to thrive.

My specialty is leadership development, partnership, and teamwork. I share what I have learned about supportive leadership, inclusion, courage, attention, direction, energy, and perhaps most of all congruence. In the round pen, I offer my treasure trove of inner and outer experiences to enliven your own.

I am open for private sessions and custom workshops from my round pen in Northern California for the next few months before we relocate to Portland Oregon.

So, if you're curious about what the horse may help you see or are looking for a somatic healing experience, come visit us while we're available!

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