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Beautiful Life

I am forever in awe of the universe and how it all works. The laws are simple, yet until you know them you feel completely in the dark. Last week in meditation I asked God a question – something very tangible and pragmatic (as you can imagine I would) – and I got a clear answer that very day. It blows my mind how this universe works, “ask and ye shall receive” is really no joke. The caveat is, of course, “be careful what you wish for.” I think I made a good call on this one, thank God (literally).

Here again I feel deeply grateful for being given the tools to uncover life’s mysteries and sit in the beauty and wonder of it all.

I’m a little hesitant to spill all the details, since this is a public venue, so I’ll say this much – change is coming and it’s coming soon. I’m feeling ready, nervous, even a little fearful, but very very curious and excited as well.

I graduate from Yoga Tree’s 200 hour training in a few weeks and I could not feel more blessed to have had the guides throughout this program to continue to deepen my understanding of Yoga in it’s purest form “Union”.

The journey continues and more news to come!


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