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Dear Chloe: advice for your life as a human

Dear Chloe,

It has been my great joy to care for you in this life. Before you arrived, I prayed for a doggy who was ready to move on to become a human. I prayed for a companion to share my life with. Fourteen long years ago, you came in the form of a little chubby puppy with a waggly tale. You were my first born. From the start, it was clear that you had a depth that many creatures on this earth do not. You look into my soul with your eyes and have ways to communicate that require no words.

From the beginning, my job has been to make your life fulfilling and to enjoy that life with you. I fretted over your food choices, your friends, your exercise, your happiness. I even adopted a second “child” for you to have someone to play with. And what a life it has been! We romped on the beaches of Northern and Southern California. We hiked the mountains. We swam the lakes and oceans. We kept each other warm. We snuggled. We laughed and cried.

When I saw you today, you told me you were ready. You remained where you lay as I stroked your face. Your tail did not wag. You know best, and always have. On this final day, I want to share some advice for your next life.

1. Never lose the loving heart and wise woman inside. You’ve spent your whole life winning friends and being such a magnetic creature because of your big open heart and your wisdom. Hang on tight to those qualities, they will bring you a lot of joy as a human too.

2. Practice kindness. You have been an incredible big sister to Mia. She’s full of anxiety and you’re like her Prozac. Being kind will just continue to fill your heart with love and your life with deep, meaningful friendships. Way to go on that one; you’re way ahead of the game!

3. Be yourself always. It’s easy as a dog to be you; who else would you be? But when you’re a human, you have a lot of options, so be careful what you choose. Always do your best to be true to yourself.

You were born to a family of yogis. As Yogananda says, you have very, very good karma. All your life, loved ones and strangers stepped in to care for you and make your life rich with love. From me and Badri and the kids, Craig and Bethany, Sara and Willy and Nanners and Netri and Jivada and countless others, the “Grand-dog-parents” on all sides, you have been deeply and completely loved.

May you feel that love and carry it with you as you make this journey home. May you know in your heart that you are a child of God and that you are never alone.

With all my love,

Your first human mother

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