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Divine Grace

When you’re in the flow of Divine Grace it seems wise to reflect for a moment on how you got there, where you are and how to keep it up. I find myself in a place of incredible joy – dreams from years past are being fulfilled by the fist-full and new adventures abound.

Tomorrow I will finally answer that “phone call from Africa” by traveling to Ethiopia with three colleagues from CARE for 9 days of learning and serving. What an incredible journey it has been to get to this moment. At least 14 years of study, work, dreams, moves, disappointments and joys. And here I am…feeling so blessed, calm and happy.

What will I experience? Who will I meet? How will I change? My pilgrimages to India, Peru and Italy have each changed me in remarkable ways. Ethiopia is a pilgrimage of service to others and it’s sure to make some sort of shift in my life. We shall see!

On my recent pilgrimage to Italy, I had the opportunity for some very special dharshan with Swami Kriyananda. His presence in my life feels like a subtle guiding force that continuously illuminates the path ahead. There are no words for how blessed I am to know him. In fact, it was in India during my 2010 pilgrimage that Swami advised me to “set my own spiritual sails” and the rest of my life would fall into place. Fortunately, I took it to heart and began to turn the ship of my life – sometimes unconsciously, sometimes consciously. Now I find myself meeting Swami with my two feet planted on a whole new road: one that I am in awe of and humbled by.

From heartache to divine love. From lost dreams to fulfillment. From skepticism to optimism. From doubt to hope. As I slowly open to my higher Self, my life is unfolding with abundance, joy and adventure.

How to keep it up? Enjoy the moment, let go of the past, stay open to tomorrow and let the Divine Grace flow through. Holding on will only lead to suffering. Expanding into the experience and giving it to God is the way to flow with Divine Grace.

The years are short, but the days are long…Here’s hoping that we all learn to open to grace in each incredible moment of each blessed day!

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