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Finding my Center in the World

These past few months have been truly amazing. I have bounced from one end of the country to the other 4 times so far, not to mention endless trips to San Francisco and even a jaunt to La La Land for some much needed donor stewardship and cultivation. When I return home to Ananda, I’ve enjoyed hours and hours of meditation with friends and the seclusion of a log cabin in the woods with my dogs. The contrast of living on the go and spending my home time in Ananda Village has been healing, energizing and wonderful. Each day is new and I’m learning to take things as they come.

The extreme activity of fall has left me a little road weary, but generally energized. Work is exciting. Life is full of possibilities. I feel my heart healing a little more each day…

In the last few weeks life has taken another turn. With work on the go and so much to put my energy into, I’ve been asked to come out of my ‘seclusion’ and return to ‘the city’. I wondered if this would happen…as I’ve moved forward during this transition, I’ve tried to quietly watch which doors swing open and which ones close or at least remain only ajar. I’ve had two major projects to work on and while one has bounded forward with incredible intensity, the other is growing slowly and needs time to germinate. It has now become clear where my energy needs to be right now. I know in my heart that the rhythm of life is long and that my path unfolds one chapter at a time…there’s no skipping to the last page!

So it is with joy and enthusiasm that I am stepping into this next chapter. Perhaps this chapter will be called, Finding my Center in the World.

San Francisco here I come…

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