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Happy Holidays!

As cheesy as the holiday season may seem at times, I am so glad for its return year after year. There are few things that can warm the heart more than gratitude, so making a national holiday to give thanks is a blessing for which I am – you guessed it – grateful!

This year has been one of sincere joy. I have so many things to be grateful for that I wanted to share a few highlights in reflection and appreciation:

Finding love

Receiving the blessings

Experiencing Ethiopia

Enjoying Europe

Committing to Divine marriage

Connecting with community

Honeymooning in paradise

Loving my family

Becoming Godparents

Making new friends

 Celebrating Dr. Knowles

Reliving childhood happiness

Finding home

And that doesn’t even begin to cover it all, but it will have to do for now. This has been a year to remember; one filled with love and joy. When the inevitably difficult times arrive at my door (that’s duality, baby!), I have a year full of laughter, love and light to draw on.

In the words of Yogananda, “Every day should be a day of Thanksgiving for all the gifts of life; for sunshine, water, and the luscious fruits and greens which we receive as indirect gifts from the Great Giver.”

Thank you Divine Mother for all the love and blessings of 2012. 

May we all enjoy a Happy Holiday season!



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