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Hard Days

Bloated, tired, and drained, that's me in a nutshell today. My moon came with a vengeance, the vet suggested one of my beautiful horses might be going lame, and I spent most of the day in a weird, confused state of starting, but never completing anything.

These are the days that a hot shower, hearty soup, and early bedtime are in order. Why is it so damn hard on these days to do what we really need most? Why does chocolate ice cream, bread with butter, and mind numbing TV call to us? Ugh, low energy sucks.

Thank God that my kids won't let me laze around much and my horses need me to go feed and care for them soon. Sometimes being endlessly needed is a blessing.


Three hours later...

I fed the horses. They were overjoyed to discover that they now get their own grain bucket to go with the evening hay. They can thank the vet next time he comes.

Their beautiful bodies are covered in itchy bites and the vet confirmed that the culprits are the illusive oak mites. Notorious rascal's in these parts of California.

A steroid shot and ten antihistamines slipped into their grain buckets later, the insane itching is relieved and their bellies are very happy. I too am feeling relief by having someone to serve when my energy was so low.

Next stop was family kirtan at our temple. Drumming, singing bajans to Lord Shiva, and snuggling my sleepy kid seemed to add a little more juice to my soul. The thirty minute kirtan (aka singing to the Lord yogi style) was followed by a burrito potluck among families here at Ananda Village.

The potluck found me diving deep with an old friend who I hadn't seen in nearly two years. As we swapped stories and she invited me to coach her, the remnants of today's "galloping grumps" dissipated.

Today was a great lesson in how service can help us shift to a higher frequency. When our energy is so low that we're ready to crawl under a blanket and initiate all of our distraction behaviors to avoid the sadness, it's a good idea to go do something for someone else. If it's something we're obligated to do, all the better because we're more likely to get off our ass and do it.

May the force be with you.

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