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Horses Whisper Back

There is a call, quiet as a breeze, that can be heard when we listen. It is the same voice we yearn for in deep meditation, the one that speaks only truth and wisdom. Along our path, we first hear the call from teachers of varying degrees. In time, it settles into the steady rhythm of a guru. In the end, we find the Divine call was ever present, “center everywhere, circumference nowhere.”  She was Divine Mother in all creation and beyond. One day, we will experience her as omnipresence in every seed, stone, and leaf.

Learning to hear the soft whispers of intuition, learning to quiet the mind into presence, these are the gifts that the horse has to offer. The horse speaks in these same whispering melodies. Her eyes, her gestures, her breath are the language of her world.

In her nature lies the key to our own. She has evolved into a perfect mirror.

A lion attacks and the herd bolts in unison, as if connected by some invisible heartstring of knowing. In her presence, we are invited to touch her heartstring, to join the herd. Once together, she invites us to see our truest, most authentic self. That is all she can see.

This is my best attempt to describe the experience of this evolving modality of Herd Spirit, healing equine reflection and discovery. We take the exercises of Equine Guided Learning and meld them together with those from the ancient tradition of Raja yoga.

We enter the round pen with horses, we breathe and move our bodies together. We reflect and listen. We invite our teachers and gurus and guides. We remain open and curious, without judgement or expectation. What comes up, we take with gratitude.

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