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June 29, 2013 Baby Blessings

“Oh my child, learn this blessing. 

May you never forget God, 

not even for a moment.” Snatum Kaur

This saying was one of so many that were shared with me this weekend; this one from my best friend and her sweet mama. This weekend, a group of beautiful sister souls gathered together to help Badri and me bring our baby girl into this life with oodles of blessings and joy. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for each loved one who came or who sent their energy from afar – it was a day that I will always remember for it’s sweetness, light and love. Dozens of priceless quotes, poems and words of wisdom are now tucked away in my “sanity bag” to be pulled out at times when it seems to be in question 😉 As I prepare to write my thank yous to each person, I am at a loss to express how grateful we are for the generosity of our friends and family – this baby girl will want for nothing…she has nearly all her physical needs covered with the downpour (I’d say shower, but it really was more like a torrential downpour!) of gifts and she has a community of friends and family who support her highest soul aspirations. This life is hers to live and what start she has chosen already! 

Thank you message from the Hostess with the Mostess…Willowji

This baby is already bringing so much joy and love into the hearts of my growing family and friends. It is overwhelming at times, but I am beginning to see how a mother’s heart nearly bursts with love. This pregnancy and the years to come will surely teach me invaluable lessons and change me forever. Thank God for giving us the experience of creation, so we can learn to embody our true Soul nature more and more.

There are times when I feel nervous…I’ve hardly ever held an infant and when I have, I often feel like the baby will crumble apart for being so fragile. Reading Ina May Gaskin’s stories of natural birth have begun to quell my fears around childbirth, so it’s time to pull out the baby care books and begin to get comfortable with what happens when the little munchkin is outside of my belly!

As I now begin my 3rd and final trimester, I feel a kinship with the mothers in my life that hadn’t existed before…something in my heart is changing in ways I’ve been told it would, but didn’t understand until now. It’s like someone pulled open my heart chakra and all the love is flowing out in an endless river. It’s not going away or draining me, because it keeps filling up with love in a constant cycle.

There are so many resources available to me as a mother, I am humbled and grateful. From time to time in my work at CARE, I am reminded of my sisters who are forced to give birth alone in a shed or without the support of anyone with professional training. My heart aches and breaks for them. The good news is that change is happening for women around the world; maternal mortality has dropped by 50% since 1990 and it’s continuing on a downward trend. It’s a testament to the fact that humanity can accomplish anything we set our minds to do!!! So let’s keep our brother’s and sister’s around the world in our minds and our hearts always.

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