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Leadership Lessons...

I was struck recently by an example of poor leadership.

It was a room full of wisdom.

A room meant for finding solutions.

A room meant for setting direction for the good of the whole.

But something was missing.

Something essential.

Something that dooms us to repeat the past.

Respect was missing.

Diversity was missing.

Listening was missing.

At the heart of what was missing was the misguided belief that wisdom belongs to the leaders.

Leadership is the art of listening with equality.

Listening with an open mind.

Listening with an open heart.

Leadership is understanding that God speaks through any willing instrument.

If you are in the privileged role of leadership, it is your opportunity to learn to listen with equality.

It is your opportunity to take in all the information, use all of your senses.

And when this has been done, it is wise to enter the silence.

Let the information settle like the flakes of snow on a wintery day.

In the silence, the solution will come...if not the solution, then the right next step.

When the right next step is clear, it is yours to make it known.

Then your leadership torch passes to others.

To trust.

To feel.

To risk.

Because following is an act of leadership.

Only when this mutual trust, this reciprocal leadership is in alignment will we step forward





And if we're wrong, we will adjust with agility because our herd will tell us and we will listen.

In tune and in step.

Because we trust.

We listen.

We learn.




Recommended reading:

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  • Terrence Real's Us

  • June Gunter's The Choice to Lead

  • Brene Brown's Dare to Lead

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