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Let Us Treasure Hunt

When life calls for change, who or what do you turn to for guidance? The ten question quiz? A psychic, a friend, a hero? Perhaps you are a card reader or a star gazer?

We all seek answers outside. The impulse is so human, so vulnerable, so real. I find myself too floundering for certainty. From friends, cards, stars, books, podcasts, I ravenously consume.

I feel like the bottomless pit of Ganesha’s hunger at the banquet of the proud King Kubera. By the time the palace walls were consumed, Kubera knew the err of his ways and begged Lord Shiva, father of Ganesha, to satiate his son. Only the Divine could satisfy Ganesha’s hunger.

This pandemic is forcing change on us all, whether we want it or not. It is upon us.

Heart pounding, we cling to falling rocks. Unthethered to the norms of this world, we see every word, post, utterance, and rainbow as a sign. A caged bird, wondering at the open door, have we lost sight of the answer directly in front?

There, hiding in our view, is an opening. Perhaps merely ajar, it beckons us. It whispers, ‘come in.’

It is not yet a path. It is merely a step. In the mist of uncertainty we walk forward. We walk with trepidation, without sight, but walk we will into this unknown abyss.

Join me. We are souls adrift, slates clean, with only the spark of longing as our guide. Let us dive for treasure together.

Message me if you need my help. I promise only that I am here for you. I can teach you stillness. I can listen deeply. I am with you, friend.

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