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Level 5 Meltdown

"Stay on your side of the round pen," Ezra's words resonated like a loud gong, reminding every fiber of my being what the horses have spent three years teaching me. That's all it took to get me back into my own spine and out of my head.

You see, my company went into level five meltdown yesterday. It was messy and ugly and took my breath away. The experience was almost surreal. The wisdom of the horse training kept my head cool, my ears listening, and my eyes watchful.

As in all things, there are lessons and karma for each one involved. It's healthy and wise to do a thorough review when the proverbial shit hits the fan. So, I certainly did. The important thing is to own what's yours and "stay on your side of the round pen." In other words, don't take on other people's stuff, especially if you're a highly sensitive person who tends to be a savior type.

As I reflect on this amazing turn of events I am struck with profound gratitude.

Gratitude for getting to know each employee, contractor, vendor, creative.

Gratitude for the opportunity to bring my TeachingHorse work to my own team and see the power of experiential learning with horses from inside the organization.

Gratitude for the chance to learn from my colleagues.

Gratitude for the opportunity to bring a technology-based product to market.

Gratitude for the support at a time of upheaval in my life.

Gratitude for the many wonderful people I met.

Gratitude for the visit to beautiful Costa Rica.

And even gratitude for the Level 5 meltdown that continues to teach me so much about surfing life's waves, even when they smash you down from time to time.

If you're worried about me, rest assured I am wiping the saltwater from my eyes, blowing it from my nose, and getting back up on my board. Wiser. Stronger. Ready for a whole new set to arrive.

P.S. I don't really surf...I'm scared to death of open ocean, but my partner does so that counts right?!

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