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Millennial Meditations: 3 Reasons to Use the Ananda Meditation App

I’m a longtime meditator, so when Ananda launched it’s new meditation App I thought, “Cool, glad there is something for beginners.” I was terribly wrong. The new meditation App is changing my meditations, and thus, changing my life. The key is to use the “Custom Meditation” section in the App…it’s AMAZING. Here’s why:

  1. Inspiration: Like many meditators, I suffer from ebbing and flowing inspiration in my meditations. Sometimes it’s high, sometimes it’s low. This App is breathing new life into my meditations, with the help of my spiritual guides: Swami Kriyananda, Nayaswami Jyotish and Devi and fellow kriyabans like Diksha, Melody, JLove and more.  I can pray with Jyotish, chant with Swami, and do a visualization of blessings with Devi. Once I set it up as a new custom meditation, it’s a simple 1-click and I’m off and running in my daily practice.

  2. Discipline: I can customize how long I will sit in silence to do my meditation practices. Somehow, having a timer running helps me to sit longer and focus harder…I’m sure there is some interesting psychological reason for that, but whatever it is, it works. Group meditations help me in this way too, but I never get to participate in those, so this is a wonderful discovery!

  3. Satsang (Fellowship): Ninety-nine percent of my meditations are alone. Even though I live in a spiritual community with group meditations offered daily in three locations, plus a half dozen awe-inspiring meditation mandirs and sites within walking distance, I mostly meditate alone at home. There are loads of people who meditate alone for all sorts of reasons. For me, it’s having two little kids who need me. It would be too difficult to be gone in the mornings and evenings, when they need me most. Using this App, I am no longer alone when I meditate. The voices of my spiritual friends ring in my ears, helping me to tune into Yogananda’s vibration through them. It’s amazing!

The App is free, so why not try it! Here is how.

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