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Next Wave Mission

Ananda is an energy, a seed planted on earth from the willpower of Babaji and the great masters of Kriya yoga. It isn’t an organization or a thing. The “Next Wave”, which is the term used to describe an amorphous subset within the spiritual movement of Ananda that loosely considers themselves “youthful”, has been slowly developing a sense of identity and purpose within Ananda. After five years of community-building, earnest study, practice, self-reflection, and effort, we seem to be emerging with a mission.

The mission of the Next Wave of Ananda, if we so choose to embark upon it, is expansion. What exists is priceless beyond our wildest imaginations; eight thriving communities where we can support each other in our personal practice of Kriya yoga and bring it into daily life. Maintaining that bedrock is essential, but there is much more to do.

After three years of gathering together for an annual Yogi Convocation, it has become clear that this group of vibrant creatives and creators is ready to fly onward to new destinations. As we explore uncharted waters, we will be sure to make mistakes. As we reach and stretch to express the ancient teachings of yoga to a new generation, thirsty for truth and weary of dogma, we must take the seminal teachings of  Paramhansa Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda into the world in new ways for new times.

What does this mean? What will it look like? I really couldn’t say. It will have to be birthed from the inspiration of those who are called to give it a try.

Not all of the next wave of spiritual aspirants who land at Ananda online, in a meditation group, or a community will jive with the idea of expansion and to them I say, “This spark of light cannot grow without you too; every seeker who is drawn to this particular ray of light, has an essential role to play.”

Although I enjoy listening and even speaking at Sunday Service, I still bristle at the thought of church…there is just too great an association between that and evangelism for me…must be old samskaras because I sure didn’t experience that in this lifetime. Ananda is anything but dogmatic or evangelical; most people don’t even know we exist! I’d say we are more Jewish, we make you knock three times before you enter the door of Kriya yoga…I jest here a bit, but the fact that Self-realization is a path of self-effort is no joke and is one of it’s most important features. So, for those who are ready to pick up the call from Sri Yukteswar to create the hive (spiritual organization) for the honey to be shared, please come!

For me, this is about sharing how the power of working from energy and consciousness, intuition and magnetism, joy and love, can be applied to work, family, and every aspect of life. I see how the truths behind the practice of Kriya yoga can help everyone take a step forward toward inner freedom. I want to share that with all my heart, with all my mind, and with all my strength.

May you feel inspired to share what brings you joy. May we each play our part in the tapestry of this beautiful global movement toward Self-realization.

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