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Astrology is cool. It’s such an interesting, insightful and valuable tool for understanding the tendencies we’re born with, the moods that overcome us and the larger shifts in our lives. You may or may not agree – it’s no biggy to me what you believe. I just find the whole thing interesting.

Today I had my second reading with one of the most intuitive Vedic astrologers on earth – at least in my humble opinion…hehe… Drupada goes straight to the heart of things and can articulate aspects of your inner and outer life in a way that helps you reflect and consider your choices with great awareness. What a gift!

It appears that I am fortunate enough to be on the ‘right track’…it’s not because of my own doing; these recent months and years of my life have been marked by a process of letting go and allowing Divine Mother to take the driver’s seat. It’s not that I don’t put out effort, but my Saturn returns (the last 2.5 years) has been all about learning to open my heart to the flow of life, rather than trying to control it.

Gradually, I feel the pull of my inner life getting stronger and know that my outer life, like a slowly turning barge, will shift it’s course to meet this direction as the time is right. Be it weeks, months or a few years, I am positive that a new direction is coming and I feel excited, peaceful and prepared to meet it. There will be challenges on the road ahead – what would this life be without challenges?!

Love has found me. Life has embraced me. Divine Mother has protected and cared for me. I am deeply grateful for life’s blessings both painful and joyful. It is time to give it all back and serve, serve, serve and love, love, love.


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