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When I said goodbye to three members of my herd of horses, packed up and moved to Portland Oregon with our family, I dared to hope that somehow, someway, horses would remain in my life.

Eight months later, I was forced to sell my last remaining horse, Chi. Deep inside, in a place I didn't like to even venture, I feared that the nail was hammered heavily into the coffin of my horse life for good. Of course, the cheery side of me that always seeks a silver lining liked to tell me that I'd find a way back. That chirpy voice liked to remind me that Chi's new owner said I could keep riding him, that somehow I'd find a way to keep horses in my life.

Well, it's been five months and with the start of good weather, suddenly a HUGE wave of energy for my horse life is upon me. Chi's new owner is generously and gratefully making him available for me to work with nearly anytime with individuals AND groups AND for riding him personally.

I've got one, maybe two TeachingHorse corporate team workshops upcoming this summer, and now I have two nearly booked women's retreats with two amazing barn partnerships on the docket. That's more horse workshops than I've had in over a year.

I share this because I'm enthusiastic, obviously. But I also share it for the incredibly meaningful reminder that it holds for me and I hope for you: when we follow dharma (right action), we land on our feet. Each step of this journey has been a leap of faith.

At times, my path appears like a giant failure. At times, like a blazing success. In truth, what success means for me is to learn to walk the path below my feet with calmness, compassion, self-awareness, and faith guided by inner communion with the Divine (aka, you're highest Self, your guru, your inner knowing, whatever you prefer to call it). When I have the courage to do what is right not only for me, but also for those who count on me, what God has given me to do, I am following Dharma. And, if it's not yet happy, it's not yet the ending.

My daily affirmation, one created by my guru Paramhansa Yogananda has been, "I go forth with perfect faith in the power of omnipresent good to bring me what I need at the time I need it."

May you have faith in the path beneath your feet and find the courage to walk where it leads you.


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1 Comment

Jun 01

Congratulations on the next big steps in your life's adventure, Gita! 🐴

Blessings to you and the family 💙

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