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The Buddha

This week has been all about the Buddha. I watched a documentary about Tibet, am reading 2 Buddhist books and had an acupuncture session today that’s helping to balance my Yin…I mean that’s a lot of the far East in one week!

Through this journey into his teachings and those of his disciples, I have discovered a missing piece to my spiritual growth that is making a beautiful impact on my life…The lesson I’m learning is to lean into discomfort (aka fear, aka the unknown, aka emotions). I touched on it in terms of love, but really it applies to all things.

In my own spiritual practice, I have found so much upliftment through Kriya that all fear subsides … while an incredible tool, I found myself unable to make progress on an emotional level. That doesn’t mean that my Guru’s practice can’t help with emotional growth, but for me it was too easy to seek comfort in the practice without learning from my emotional self. What I’m discovering is that those strong emotions have messages underneath that are crucial for my self-realization. Learning to lean into them and explore them with awareness is eye-opening. It’s that beautiful process of integrating the whole self – the big S and little s. Understanding the little s-elf is a typical discipline of the Buddhist tradition and one I haven’t spent much time exploring.

For me, the combination of mindfulness of my little s-elf with the cultivation of the big S-elf through Kriya is one potent cocktail of awesomeness!

So, the peeling of the onion continues.


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