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The Heart

my beloved grows

right out of my own heart

how much more union can there be?

– Rumi

Heartbreak is a pain to wish on no one. The word ‘heartbreak’ is not just an expression, it’s a visceral experience of loss. The pain of closing one’s heart energy to a beloved. Hassi, pictured here to the left, healed my heart once. Her blessing was something I will hold dear forever.

As I prepare to return to India and to the home of Hassi, I cannot help but hope that her presence can once again help me to heal. Life is not simple; the older we get, the more we realize that the choices we make each day matter. They matter for our inner happiness and they matter to the world around us and especially to those who count on us.

Standing at a fork in the road, I am filled with a million questions. Questions that I cannot answer. As long as my heart is disconnected from ‘my beloved’, as Rumi says, I will not know the way forward. So I sit and breathe – one inhale, one exhale – and hope that the healing begins soon.

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