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The Money Block

I've been excavating my money block and uncovering layer after layer. It's hard work, takes as much time as it takes, and is worth every effort. I'll share a little of what I've learned. Know that if you too have a money block, it's layers may be similar, but may very well not be. Each of our journey is unique. My intention in sharing is to open you to the possibility of breaking through what holds you back too. So, here goes: The first layer was the stories that wrapped themselves around the outside of money, but inside my life: my financial blueprint. This came from T. Harv Eker's work on the millionaire mind. The next layer wrapped around my ability to receive and my worth. Horses taught me this one and I wrote about it here. The layer beneath receiving was by far the most disturbing, that layer was shame. I found that layer by being coached. I realized that underneath the physical presence of money, the stories wrapped around it, the worthiness to receive it, hid a deep and painful attitude and emotion about money: money is shameful because wanting it means you're bad. The vibration of that shame had lodged itself deeply in my sternum, directly above my power center in the belly and below my heart center. In other words, it blocked my ability to claim my power to follow my heart. With this new awareness, I can feel when that layer is triggered. It's most tender times are when I want to invest in myself, when I dare to believe I have enough value to put money down on. Not the little things - the haircuts or new outfits - it's the big things: the education, coaching, horses, capital business expenses. It also arises when I ask you to pay me what I'm worth. In my psyche, money means freedom and choice. By allowing this shame block to keep me from improving my skills, taking business risk, and asking for what I need and deserve, I was directly limiting my creative potential on this earth. A total killer for an entrepreneur or anyone shifting careers. In fact, to avoid that deeper layer, I found myself compulsively spending on the little things that I could allow myself to buy. How many impulse Amazon buys had I made in my life? I can't even begin to imagine. How many outfits, haircuts, or little household items had I accumulated in an attempt to soothe the pain of not believing I was worth it? I also found myself signing up for all the free trainings, but crumbling when faced with a real need to invest in myself. Regret isn't useful, so I'll let those thoughts move along through my body and out (a skill taught to me by horses). This excavation process is different for everyone. Some find their scarcity beliefs under the hood. Others find worthiness and shame. Even in my own writing here, there are parts I am sure I've left behind or forgotten. It's a journey. Money is a physical manifestation of energy. Therefore, the subtle frequencies that we wrap around it are more indicative of our Soul's work than we might realize at first glance. I've been raised in the ethos that money is energy and energy is infinite. That idea has been the heart of how I've raised millions of dollars successfully for worthy causes. It's also why so much abundance has landed in my own lap in the moments when I need it most. So, in the process of digging into this work, it's not all barriers that I find. Often there are also great strengths and qualities I am grateful to find.

Even so, the cold light of day is a good place to start when we're exploring where we next want to grow. Excavating our money blocks can be as much a path to freedom as any other aspect of our lives. What to do now? If your blocks are like mine, here's my path through. You'll need to do your own work to find yours. That's what coaching really is: finding your own path forward.

So, for me: 1. Face the discomfort and take the leap to invest in your heart's calling and to ask for what you want and deserve.

2. Every time an urge to buy little things arises, "Stop. Breathe. Choose again." In other words, slow down and create space to tune into where the impulse is coming from: genuine need or avoidance of shame or pain.

3. Keep going. As my wise big brother recently said, "Each layer uncovered is like a splinter removed. It's a relief, but it takes time to fully heal over." Just keep doing the work and finding joy along the way, everything will shift in time. If you're ready to excavate your blocks, let's talk about how I can help you: Schedule a call with me.

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