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Walking the path of yoga

This winding path of life is so beautiful. Just when you think you’re lost, you discover you’re standing exactly where you need to be. I became inspired to work in international development in 1994 when I first saw the news of the genocide in Rwanda. I was horrified that the world sat by and watched such a tragedy unfold, reporting that it was merely ‘ethnic violence’ and ancient ‘tribal rivalries’. The smallest amount of research and real journalism would have revealed the truth of the horrors and the political climate that lead to them…but no one seemed to care.

I was inspired to the path of Kriya yoga long before I became passionate about helping people in far off lands, thanks to my amazing karma of being born into a family of yogi’s in the heart of Ananda Village.

I never thought my two passions could unite… but an article in Yoga Journal, the inspiration of my dear friends Monique and Georgina, and one very dark day in September showed me a new possiblity.

That dark day was this Tuesday…it was just one of those days where you question every choice you’ve made and feel deep despair at your own unhappiness. Well that was the heavy feeling on my heart and I took it to my yoga class. Les twisted and stretched those emotions right outta me and I was left feeling drained, but open…

We need the darkness to seek the light! Sitting in the passanger seat, nearing tears as Craig assured me I should follow my heart, the memory of that yoga journal article came to my mind.

The article was about an organization called Project Air, founded in 2007, that provides yoga to survivors of rape in Rwanda during the genocide, especially targeting those who contracted HIV. What an idea! It’s the alignment of all the inner work that I value so highly and the outter work … it’s karma yoga.

You may be wondering, “is Gita about to jet off to Africa or what?!” Of course I would love to, but like I said, I’m in exactly the right place at the right time. I have work to do here at home, but my heart and mind are now open to a new possibility ~ a merging of my two great passions in life; helping others and deepening my practice of yoga.


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