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When it rains, it pours!

Isn’t it flabbergasting when you find your plate so full of stuff that you don’t think it can possibly hold one more thing; and just then someone comes along to plop down another heaping serving?! Somehow, even when you think it’s impossible, your plate doesn’t break, everything remains precariously contained, and you are forced to walk very carefully across the room. That’s my life. It’s probably your life too…in fact, let’s rephrase that altogether, “that’s life.”

So, how do we cope with our heaping piles of responsibility? As tempting as it may be to slink off into a hole somewhere rather than face it all, we must not allow ourselves the out. In truth, and to the detriment of all involved, some people really do slink off…into a bottle, into a bar, into endless excuses, into oblivion.

When the plate feels full and we don’t think it’s possible to cross the room without spilling, it’s time to call upon the incredible tools we have been given and the words of wisdom that return to us in those times. For me, my mantra becomes, “this too shall pass.” I’m also reminded of the advice of my mountain climbing friend, Georgina when she explained how she climbs the highest peaks in the world, “one foot in front of the other.” Or the classic, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”

On a much deeper level, it’s even more freeing to realize that, “I am not the doer in this drama of life. I am a channel for energy and the more I can let it flow through me, the more I can do,” (or more accurately, “the more can be done through me”). These are the little wisdom words that swirl around my mind when it wants to sink into oblivion.

In actions – these are the moments to meditate. To practice yoga. To read something inspiring. While you may think that there is no time for that, it’s just not an option – make time or you’ll spill the plate and all will come tumbling down!

The next 30 days include endless business trips, purchasing our first home (we hope), traveling 9,000 miles across the world together to India, and so much more! So, as my husband and I work together to build a home, a healthy life, a happy marriage, a meaningful work life, nurturing friendships, a supportive community, a deep inner life, and all that those priorities require of us – it’s good to reflect that I am not the doer!

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