Alright Now 

I thought I had it all figured out. If you asked me the big life questions, I had answers. On paper, all was well. And yet, I was desperately unhappy. Then one day a horse showed me the truth about myself.

The truth was humbling, it brought me to my knees. But the horse didn't leave me there. The horse stayed with me until I got up. Then he showed me by example how to walk. He empowered me by demanding my everything. He showed me who I am at my best. He set me free.

My coaching program is designed to give you what I have received. I combine fearless conversations, a treasure trove of yoga-based tools, and equine-guided sessions to provide a whole body experience of transformation. My goal is to empower you to unlock your true potential and live your gifts into the world. Your success benefits us all.

What does coaching with me look like?

Clients hail from all over. We meet regularly by Zoom or in the round pen, whatever is right for you. For those at a greater distance, we co-create a personal retreat opportunity to immerse in learning with the herd at an appropriate point in our work together.

What will I gain from this work?

  • Take ownership of your life

  • Empower your inner wisdom

  • Reconnect with your authentic self

  • Discover what holds you back

  • Release beliefs that no longer serve you

  • Release judgement of self and others

  • Develop your sixth sense of intuition

  • Gain fluency in the language of body and feeling

  • Learn to co-create with the Divine

  • Deepen relationships through empowered action

  • Live bravely from your heart

  • Manifest your life through the power of alignment

  • Fulfill your Divine destiny


Customized Coaching Components


Begin with a deep dive session to reveal aspirations, beliefs, feelings, and challenges that lay between you and your new life.


Meet regularly by phone or video to create measurable change in your life through accountability, learning, and fearless conversations.

Equine Sessions

Meet with me and your equine guides for accelerated learning, discovery, and healing along your path at a cadence that fits your goals and life perfectly.

Personal Retreat

Live far from me? Let's build you a custom retreat for your equine learning component. Enjoy Ananda's serene spiritual community, stay in one of our two retreat facilities, and immerse yourself in whole body learning with the herd.

Yogic Tools & Techniques

I share my treasure trove of yoga-based techniques for clearing the mind, raising the energy, and getting in touch with the Divine source within you.

Herd Spirit Retreats

Ezra Marrow and I offer a series of spiritual equine retreats between Spring and Fall of each year. Ezra is my mentor in equine facilitation and my partner in Herd Spirit. Ezra changed my life. I encourage you to learn more about him here.


Our retreats are whole body immersions into the transformation process. We design our retreats using our combined decades of expertise, our sensitive herd of horses, and the uplifting vibrations of Ananda to maximize your opportunity for growth.


To learn more about our offerings, visit our Herd Spirit website and be sure to subscribe.

Yoga with Horses

Come for our weekly refresh, reset, and recharge: Yoga with Horses.

This practice weaves together the heart-centering power of horses with the ancient yogic practices of breath, body, and mind to create an experience of spiritual connection like none other. Discover how the horse can help you open your heart and move with mindful presence. 

"My heart feels very open and calm. It often can take a while in my meditation practice to get to that place, but with the horses, I felt I could enter that space almost right away." - Gayatri