2022 Events & Workshops

In-person learning opportunities at the Herd Spirit Equine Center and beyond


Live Your Gift(Level 1)

2-day Workshop

March 18&19

Ananda Village, CA


Live Your Gift(Level 1)

2-day Workshop

May 27&28

Ananda Village, CA


Passion, Purpose, and Power

5-Day Retreat

July 19 - 23

Ananda Village, CA


2-Week Gap Year Intensive

Sept 11 - 24

Ananda College

Herd Spirit Workshops & Retreats

Ezra Marrow and I offer a series of equine-guided workshops and at least one full immersion retreat between Spring and Fall of each year. Ezra is my mentor in equine facilitation and my partner in Herd Spirit. Ezra changed my life. I encourage you to learn more about him here.


Our programs are whole body experiential learning to catalyze the transformation process. We design our offerings using our combined decades of expertise, our sensitive herd of horses, and the uplifting vibrations of Ananda to maximize your opportunity for growth.


To learn more about our offerings, visit our Herd Spirit website and be sure to subscribe.


Yoga with Horses (Seasonal)

Come for our weekly refresh, reset, and recharge: Yoga with Horses.

This practice weaves together the heart-centering power of horses with the ancient yogic practices of breath, body, and mind to create an experience of spiritual connection like none other. Discover how the horse can help you open your heart and move with mindful presence. 

"My heart feels very open and calm. It often can take a while in my meditation practice to get to that place, but with the horses, I felt I could enter that space almost right away." - Gayatri


Art of Leadership
Custom Team Workshop

This one-day workshop is custom designed for teams from the nonprofit, business, and social sectors to explore the true meaning of leadership, communication, and cooperation through equine assisted learning techniques.