Life Coaching

The catalyst to living your best life professionally, personally, and spiritually.


This is your chance to change everything.

You Will

  • Live into your greater potential

  • Deepen loving relationships

  • ​Create abundance

  • Live courageous and free

  • Become the leader of your life


What you desire is possible.
Let's tailor your coaching
to support your success.


Meet regularly by phone or video to create measurable change in your life through accountability, learning, and fearless conversations.

Equine Sessions (Optional)

Meet with me and your equine guides for accelerated learning, discovery, and healing along your path at a cadence that fits your goals and life perfectly.

Mindfulness Tools

I share my treasure trove of yoga-based techniques for clearing the mind, raising the energy, and getting in touch with the Divine source within you.


I really look forward to my sessions every week. After each day in the round pen, I feel like another layer I have built around my true self starts to shed and reveal the strength and light I have had all along. I walk away but still feel like I am being held by Gita and the horses, which gives me courage to face the rest of the week. It is a true gift to have found them and to be able to do this work with their guidance. I am so grateful. 


Gita has an amazing ability to interpret the horse messages and intuitively guide the session to find uplifting solutions to changing old patterns and habits. During each session we came up with attitude adjustments and positive action items to bring me closer to my purpose and resolve the issues I was experiencing in that moment. It was very helpful and a great tool for self-transformation. I highly recommend it. ”


The work is powerful and life-changing. The physicality of it really cements the lessons in my being.

Group Coaching

On a rolling basis, I invite 3-5 clients to step into the change process together as a group. 


We meet weekly by Zoom for a little teaching a lot of exploration on the topic. As I coach each member, we learn together, celebrate success, learn from challenges, and practice presence. We become a herd and explore the lessons of leadership, communication, congruency, and connection that horses offer in our lives.

Coworkers Talking on Video Conference

Group Coaching Series

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