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About Me

Gita is an exceptional facilitator and coach on the subjects of shared leadership, integrity, relationships, community dynamics, authenticity, and sustainable organizational and individual growth. She works with individuals and teams to design experiential learning with horses that transforms the learners and catalyzes change.


She is a certified equine assisted educator, imparting the transformative Diamond Model of Shared Leadership by TeachingHorse—a methodology rooted in the behavioral wisdom of wild horses. She is primarily based in Portland Oregon, but also travels to teach up and down the West coast with her TeachingHorse colleagues.


Outside of her facilitation work, her days are spent advocating for animals and being a catalyst for nonprofit growth. As the first Chief Development Officer of Born Free USA, she brings invaluable fundraising and leadership expertise to propel the organization forward. With a master's degree in nonprofit administration from USF and a bachelor's degree in international studies and political science from Pepperdine University, Gita has held esteemed leadership positions with organizations such as CARE USA, March of Dimes, and United Way of the Bay Area. Gita's passion and experience fuel our journey toward continuous growth and impact.

Gita is also a lifelong yoga and meditation practitioner. She resides with her spouse, two children, four-legged fur family in an intentional spiritual community called Ananda located in Beaverton Oregon.


Ezra Marrow, Purpose Coach
Whole Being Coaching

Gita partnered with me to co-found Herd Spirit. She is an incredible partner, I couldn't have asked for a better one. Her ability to work along side the horses to help people to gain profound insights and breakthroughs is remarkable. She brings, innate wisdom, insight, experience and knowledge to help the participants achieve their goals. As a life coach, she brings her love, compassion, and dedication to all of her clients. She adept at helping guide them through big changes and towards their amazing future. You would be blessed to be served by her.


Erin Vinacco, Founder
Conscious Families

What a powerful experience! Such a gift to spend time with these amazing horses and be guided by Gita. I was really moved by the opportunity to learn to listen and be present in a new way. It was so beautiful to tune into the energy that Zip was reflecting and become more aware of my own energy in a new way as well. Horses can teach us so much! I felt deeply held, cared for and guided by both Gita and Zip and I look forward to another sessions.


Julia, Owner
Moonrise Hill Medicine

I really look forward to my sessions every week. After each day in the round pen, I feel like another layer I have built around my true self starts to shed and reveal the strength and light I have had all along.


Thank you to Gita Matlock, and all my beautiful brothers and sisters at #AnandaVillage for sharing your serene oasis with my family this weekend! Brandon and Dylan LOVED their Tai Chi instruction while Brandi and I needed the yoga! We’re fully recharged for what’s ahead this week! Wishing EVERYONE a beautiful week and sending out LOVE! 


Tracey Edmonds, Mom & Emmy/NAACP #Awardwinning TV/Film Producer #SoulFood #GamesPeoplePlay #EndoftheRoad Sharing tools to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE:

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