About Me

Coach | Equine Facilitator | Motivational Speaker | Author

My purpose is to walk you home to your truest, most powerful self. In doing so, my gifts of compassion, creativity, empathy, unconditional love, enthusiasm, authenticity, and leadership are utilized to the fullest for your benefit. 

I am a coach, equine facilitator, speaker, writer, co-founder of Herd Spirit, yogi, mother, wife, and friend. I am a student of life and a teacher of choice.


Where have I learned my craft?


My sources of inspiration and training include the yoga master Paramhansa Yogananda, my herd of horses, my mentor in equine facilitation Ezra Marrow, my spiritual community Ananda and its founder Swami Kriyananda, and trail blazers of connection and growth like Brene Brown, Glennon Doyle, Anita Moorjani, Steve Chandler, Linda Kohanav, Mark Rashid, Warwick Schiller, and countless others who have opened my mind and heart to my innate wisdom. 

If you want the street creds, here they are: 

  • I am a certified meditation and yoga instructor.

  • I earned a Masters in Nonprofit Administration and a Bachelors in International Studies and Political Science.

  • I worked for twenty years in management roles raising millions of dollars for notable nonprofit organizations in the fields of humanitarian aid, education, and spirituality. 

  • I am a mother of two young children.

  • I am an entrepreneur and co-founder of Herd Spirit, offering equine learning retreats and classes.

  • I manage the Herd Spirit equine center based in Ananda Village.

  • I trained, showed, and rode ponies as a young person.

  • Today, I study natural horsemanship with several superb trainers.  

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Where to Find Me

Ananda Village, a spiritual community & place of pilgrimage in Northern California

I manage the Herd Spirit equine center located in the heart of Ananda Village, a thriving spiritual community for more than fifty years. Nestled in the Sierra Nevada foothills of California, Ananda Village is home to more than 200 residents who are deeply committed to their path of Kriya Yoga.


Each year, thousands of visitors come to train in yoga and meditation, enjoy personal retreats at one of Ananda's two retreat centers, or walk amongst the famous gardens of Crystal Hermitage. It's residents also run a yoga-based elementary school, small businesses, and local shops.

14618 Tyler Foote Road
Nevada City, CA 95959 USA