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The Yoga journey starts tomorrow and I’m getting pretty nervous. I took my 3rd yoga class this week and it kicked me in the rear! I have this experience with physical activity (and I’m sure I’m not alone). I push to a point and my mind tells me that there’s just no way I can go any further, “just give up” my mind yells! If I can make it past that point, I’m golden; if I give in, I’m in trouble. Tonight I did a little of both; pushing through and giving in…so, my practice was somewhere in between satisfying and frustrating.

I can already tell that these six months are going to be filled with ups and downs. If I can make it through to the other side though, I have a sneaking suspicion that I will be a big step closer to the person I know I can be…I’ve struggled with discipline and willpower and I feel like this yoga program is going to force me to face the laziness and self-doubt that I let hold me back from those higher qualities that I want to nurture.

Wish me luck!


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