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One of those days…

Today is one of those days that should be perfect, or at least it is on paper, but something is just off. When I’m at home for those days, I like to snuggle my dogs. Without an easy fix like snuggles with a puggle, I’ve come to realize how many ways I try to avoid feeling down on days like these.

From exercise to terrible TV shows to nights out with the girls, there are a zillion ways to make the blues go away…but is that the best choice when a mood settles? Is that mood trying to tell you something? Are the blues that perpetual feeling of emptiness that we try to fill up with whatever excites us? Sex, drugs, babies, clothes….When all those other things fail miserably, is it that emptiness that turns people to seek higher truths and deeper meaning in life?

I assume so…it’s what I’ve been told and it’s definitely observable on days like this. This is when I would usually start planning for a new trip, set some major new goals or try to get myself pumped up about something. But I’ve already traveled to 3 countries this year, I’ve run out of vacation days and I’m starting yoga teacher training in two weeks…I’m all out of time or money for new plans or goals…I need to fulfill the ones I’ve set out.

So, I’m left without my usual avoidance techniques and it’s time to watch that mood like a Buddhist…let it settle until it’s ready to leave I guess. Bah hum bug…negative emotions are just no fun!

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