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Saturn Returns – YIKES

I like astrology. I don’t love it and I don’t make life decisions based on it, but I like it. It is a tool that I have found helpful at times and now is definitely one of those times…it turns out I’m smack in the midst of Saturn Returns, which sure explains a lot!

This has been a year to remember and it ain’t over yet! I started a new job, moved from LA to San Francisco, went to India for the first time and traveled to Guatemala with my new employer, CARE. I lived alone for the first time and learned more about myself in 6 months than I have in the 29 years prior. India opened my heart in ways I could never imagine.

It has been the hardest year of my life, but also the most transformative. I see why they say Saturn Returns is a ‘returning to your true self’. It’s like I was asleep and someone threw a bucket of ice cold water on my face to wake me up! I suddenly realized that I had forgotten my #1 desire – to travel the world and help people.

Not that I’d fallen so far from my goals that I hadn’t made any progress, but my priorities were centered around stability rather than happiness…and let’s face it, if there is one thing this world is not it’s STABLE. I was trying to force my life to fit into a little box, but I learned a valuable lesson…Life doesn’t move in a straight line. I won’t get all esoteric, but suffice it to say, that’s just not how the universe works. If you think otherwise, watch out for falling buckets of ice water!

I am thrilled to say that despite the rude awakening, I am finally living life the way I want. By the close of 2010 I will have added 2 new continents and 3 new countries to my travel checklist (Asia: India, Guatemala and South America: Peru) and run my first 1/2 marathon…what’s to come in 2011? Hopefully a Himalayan trek and my first trip to Africa, including a climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro.

We all have different priorities, but it sure feels good to be true to them ~ for me, I want to experience life, help others and love as deeply as possible. Oh also; be healthy, so I can keep on truckin’ as long as possible! So bring it on Saturn – I got this!

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