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Service to Others

Today a friend and I observed a yoga class for homeless people in the tenderloin. We will be subbing for the teacher while she’s away for the holidays and I’m super excited!

It felt so great to be in a room with this sweet group of people; to laugh with them, encourage them and feel the peace in the room through the practice. One woman complained that her shoulder hurt from sleeping on the ground, but that after the practice she felt a lot better. Another woman felt embarrassed because her pants had a hole in them. It was a reminder that we are so blessed to have the warmth and comfort of home, of yoga and of so many other things in our lives. It was a reminder too that service is the greatest blessing of all. I swear, the giver gets more out of giving than the receiver!

Yoga is a beautiful tool and I can’t wait to share it with friends, family, yogi’s and people in need.

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