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The Big 30th Birthday Announcement

It is time to reveal Part I of Gita’s 2011 adventure on this auspicious day – my 30th birthday. As you probably know, I’ve been itching to get to Africa to volunteer in some way for most of my life.

May I introduce – Africa Yoga Project.

Africa Yoga Project (AYP) is an organization in Kenya that trains yoga teachers and supports them to teach yoga as a tool for healing, peace and upliftment for the most in need in Nairobi. AYP-trained yoga teachers not only teach 200 free classes to 3000 students each week, they also help provide education and economic opportunity to those they serve.

During the post-election violence of 2007 in Kenya, AYP sent ambassadors of peace to perform acrobatics and yoga to camps of displaced families all over Kenya with a message of Peace. Today, AYP focuses on healing the wounds of violence, on helping people living with HIV/AIDS, prisoners, the homeless and people with disabilities – using yoga as a tool for healing, love and change. This is development work at it’s very best.

Yoga has changed my life. I can’t begin to explain what a tool for healing, empowerment and love it has been since this journey began with Yoga Teacher Training last fall. Deep in my heart, I know that this tool is a blessing that I want to share with others in need.

Today I am taking a pledge. I will be raising money and giving my professional skills to Africa Yoga Project as an Ambassador. Please visit my pledge page to help this wonderful organization and make my dream of volunteering and teaching yoga in Africa possible

Please also watch this 6 minute video – it explains exactly why this matters so much and why I love this organization.

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