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Travel Inspiration ~ Peru

Travel does something for me like little other things can…it’s not just that Zen idea that you are more in the moment when you’re not plowing through the rat race we call life; it’s also that beautiful truth which shines through the eyes of strangers in strange lands to remind you that the human race has so much in common.

On the top of Macchu Picchu I got to thinking…if everyone is struggling with the same issues, why do I have such a passion of international philanthropy work? If I’m passionate about helping people around the world, why have I found so little satisfaction in working for international causes?

The answer: I love people, the world and the amazing spectrum of life…I want to help people…but, I’ve chosen a path that serves the people from afar. I raise money that enables people who have more direct-service skills (social workers, nurses, educators) to help people. I help people, but I’m missing the chance to feel inspired by seeing the fruits of my labor in the smiles of real people.

My work is suited for me in many ways, but I need something more. I need the opportunity to uplift individuals in some way. On that sacred mountain top, something shifted for me. As I moved from a beautiful Kriya meditation to camel pose, where my heart opened to the world, I got my answer. I am going to deepen my knowledge of the skills that uplift me the most so that I can share them ~ yoga and meditation.

I don’t plan to leave my career of development and philanthropy as much as augment it with direct service skills in what I also care about. So, starting this fall Gita will be spending all her free time in asanas folks! It’s Yoga Teacher Training for me!

PS – as a master of all things media-related, Craig is putting something really cool together with more info about our trip to Peru…stay tuned! It was awesome!

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